City opens tree disposal site to public

Friday, October 8, 2021

After months of discussion on how to deal with dying ash trees on private property in the midst of an emerald ash borer infestation, the City of Alta is opting to open its own tree disposal site near the sewer plant to the public, including the golf course.

Some residents had protested that they had nowhere to go with remains of trees that had been taken down. The DNR does not permit burning inside city limits, and the wood cannot be hauled outside of the county for fear of spreading the pests.

Normally the public is not allowed on the city’s disposal site. Cameras on the location will provide some security against people dumping improper items. People using the site are asked to separate the debris, smaller limbs into the brush pile and anything three inches or thicker into the wood pile.

No tree removal businesses will be allowed to use the site, only individuals taking trees down on their own property. If problems arise, the city retains the option of closing the site. The city is still looking at options on how to ultimately burn the debris, with one local resident earlier offering to lease land at his rural property for the use.

One sawmill has expressed interest in possibly taking some of the wood from the city’s site. Also, any residents in need of firewood will be able to take from the pile, although firewood should not be transported out of county.