Schools focusing on cultural respect

Friday, September 24, 2021

Alta-Aurelia schools are focusing on cultural respect efforts early in this school year. At the elementary level, students are exploring the cultures in their communities and learning how to stop bullying. Staff is providing positive messages places on student’s lockers and in backpacks.

Middle schoolers are learning about cultural respect with a “kindness challenge.” They are also being surveyed on issues such as whether they feel safe to go to a teacher or other adult, and how healthy their student-to-student relationships are. A student council has also been started this school year.

Superintendent William Walters said he is pleased with the progress on cultural respect in the school buildings.

In addition to those programs, the elementary has started a “Rally to Read” program, challenging students to complete 100 books each by next March.

In other school board news, a problem with the high school gym was discussed. A wall has settled, pulling away slightly from the roof, resulting in leakage. There is concern that the gym floor could be damaged if the situation is not resolved. There does not appear to be a warranty on the construction.

The school roof in Aurelia is also leaking into some classrooms, and the board wanted to get repairs made before winter. There is also concern for hail damage to buildings after summer storms, which the district plans to get checked out.