Alta mayor Walsh to run for reelection, adding affordable housing a priority

Friday, September 17, 2021

Kevin Walsh announced his intentions this week to run for a second term as Alta mayor. It will be my privilege and honor to serve our community for another two years if elected to do so, he said.

I believe we have started some good momentum on several things and want to see it continue. A few examples are the 1.6 million dollar estimated expense to upgrade parts of our sewer and storm sewer that are long overdue. We recently televised what we believe to be the problem areas in our infrastructure and this is where we will start. I say start because this will have to continue to meet the demands put on our aging system. This will be one of our first major infrastructure upgrades that I am aware of in many years. The last I believe being the new sewer plant itself. We should be able to do this without adding a lot of burden to our citizens on sewer rates with the help of grants and low interest loans.

Walsh said he is also proud that he was able to bring opportunities to the council for a $150K housing upgrade program involving six qualifying homes.

Alta has been fortunate to see five new homes being built or started this year with the potential of a few more. I feel continuing to promote Alta and make it a welcoming community that we will continue to see new housing, Walsh said.

He also cited the start of a new texting service to keep citizens aware of city news and community happenings, replacement schedules for older equipment.

As for future projects, if reelected, my #1 focus will be on affordable housing. I feel we have no choice other than to get very serious on making this a reality, Walsh said. We will need to invest in the next addition to make this happen Im sure. With the new census showing considerable population growth and the very real possibility of a $350 million soybean crush plant being built three miles from Alta creating 50 to 60 new jobs, we must start preparing for such a great opportunity. Storm Lake has proven their commitment on affordable housing and if Alta chooses not to act, I fear we will start to lose good families to Storm Lake, or even possibly other nearby communities.