Letter to the Editor

Give life a shot

Friday, August 27, 2021

Iowans seem to think the pandemic is over. Very few people wear masks. Only a bare majority have been vaccinated against COVID. But the virus is here and spreading fast. Hospitals in the South are overrun with COVID patients, and we are going to look like that soon.

Weíre like the guy who heard a hurricane warning but ignored it since the current weather was OK. Getting vaccinated or wearing a mask is inconvenient and people donít want to. Stopping for red lights is annoying too, but running red lights endangers others so we donít allow it. Paying taxes is very burdensome, but without them we have no police. Civilization is impossible unless choice is sometimes restricted. The vaccines are not experimental anymore; hundreds of millions have gotten one.

Over 600,000 Americans have died because they werenít vaccinated; exactly zero have died because they were vaccinated. If you consider yourself pro-life, get vaccinated and wear a mask in public. Support requiring others to do so. If you honor our military for protecting us, be a patriot and do your part to protect us. Freedom isnít free, and sometimes giving up small freedoms to gain bigger ones is the only sensible course.