Magnet project to help students stick to requirements

Friday, August 20, 2021

“Stick it,” the Storm Lake School District encourages. On the refrigerator, that is.

The district and high school Principal Matt Doebel and his team created magnets that list all of the requirements for students to progress toward graduation - and to remain eligible to participate in extra-curricular sports and performances.

The project is a reminder than students are “students first.” The high school team has made home visits to the families of all students who are currently not on track for graduation and participation, to make sure they are aware.

The goal is for every family to have one of the new magnets in the home as a reminder of what needs to be done, Superintendent Stacey Cole said.

In other school board news this week:

• The district continues to work to maintain staffing. The board this week accepted another nine resignations, six of them special education instructional assistants, one a high school instructional assistant, and two staff members stepping away from coaching assignments which have already been addressed. The superintendent encourages anyone who would might like to be an instructional assistant to apply.

• A new system for the migrant services program was approved. One full-time position will be split between three staff members, so there can be a migrant services person at each of the three main buildings.

• The board approved a fence for the playground at the elementary school. Due to COVID last year, the district needed to expand the play area for distancing, and found the larger space works better, but because it now runs too close to the nearby road, a fence is needed for safety. Cost is $32,000.

• A bid was accepted for the wireless system at the new Early Elementary School. The system is described as state of the art, with hopes other buildings’ wireless access can be improved next year if funding is available. Cost is $81,000, including a five-year warranty.

• Interactive displays were also approved for the EES. The smart displays take the place of “white boards” and projectors. Hydraulic stands are included, so the boards can be lowered for the height of the smallest children. Each of the other schools will also get interactive displays for their media centers. Cost is nearly $230,000.

• The fresh fruits and vegetables bid was approved with Fareway. Grant funding will allow that snack program to be expanded to the Early Elementary School for the first time in a few years.

• The district will soon begin discussions toward potential second and third phases for the Early Elementary School.