SL summer school offerings popular

Friday, August 20, 2021

Storm Lake Community Schools’ summer school program saw high attendance levels - much more than in a normal year, the school district reports. “In grades kindergarten-seven, students largely attended at the level we consider to be ‘quality attendance,” while relatively small numbers attended sparingly and to the point at which programming did not provide a good return on investment,” the program report reads.

Kindergarten had 22 participants in June, first grade 37, second 44, third 33, fourth 35, fifth 35, and 6th/7th 44. Quality attendance levels were reported for more than 70 percent of the summer school students, with 6th/7th at 82 percent.

The leaders are examining the results and thinking about “what makes a kid come, and stay.”

High school students were able to take unique classes for the first time - in genetics, social justice, sports psychology, peer help, poetry, algebra, geometry, a building project that produced a storage shed for the middle school, and customizable subjects. Students earned a total of 187 credits, including 31 credits recovered for students who had not successfully completed a class during the school year. Requirements for recovering those credits are slightly higher than for the regular school year, to encourage students to pass their classes during the academic year.

School officials feel the summer credits are a significant achievement. Twenty-four participants are incoming freshmen getting a head start on credits before they begin their high school careers.

Also, four sessions of STEM camps in July served 108 students this summer.