AA schools open with back-to-normal approach

Friday, August 20, 2021

=Alta-Aurelia schools will begin school with a recently-approved Return to Learn plan in place.

“We have a protocol. We’re not requiring masks - obviously we can’t. But we want our kids and families to know that they are very much free to wear masks if they wish to,” Superintendent William Walters said. The same policy is in place for teachers and staff. Some teachers are already using masks in the buildings, especially if there are medical issues in their families.

The district will continue to stress sanitizing and try to social distance where possible. “It’s just a good idea anyway,” Walters said. “We’re going to take some of the things we learned last year and continue them.”

The district will follow current CDC and public health guidance on dealing with any ill students or staff. “If there are symptoms, sure, we will send them home. I don’t think we will make it mandatory for them to quarantine for a week or 10 days - when they are feeling back to normal, they should be back in school,” the superintendent said.

The goal is a school year that looks much more normal. “Last year was a long year for our students. I don’t know that it would be fair to put all that on them again,” the superintendent said. “However, we know we have to be flexible, and if health guidance changes, we will need to look at that.”

Sports and school events will be open to the public, with no restrictions on spectator numbers.

“We haven’t forgotten last year, but our people did really well with it. We will do everything we can to stay safe, and be ready to adjust if we need to,” Walters said. “Right now, we’re excited and ready to get the school year rolling.”