No parking zone expected on NE 1st

Friday, July 16, 2021

The Alta City Council is planning to declare a no parking area along NE 1st Street, concerned that the roadway is too narrow to allow on-street parking safely. The city was leaning toward making just the north side of the road a no parking area, but at the request of the street superintendent, is now preparing a proposal for no parking on both sides of the street, which is expected to come up for a reading at the August city council meeting. While declaring no parking on just a portion of the street was considered, the council is favoring making the declaration cover the entire street, from the fairgrounds to West Highway.

There have been issues with semis parking on the road in the past.

There may also be concerns with people parking on the road during events at the raceway or the community center, but those people may have to park on the nearby gravel road instead, according to city officials. Ultimately, it would be up to the sheriff’s department that provides contact law enforcement in Alta to decide whether vehicles in violation of the no-parking area are ticketed.

Signs would be ordered to mark the area, if the council gives approval.