City-wide garage sales and cleanup days ahead

Friday, June 4, 2021

Alta’s city-wide garage sales is taking place June 3-5 and city-wide cleanup days June 8, 9, 10 and 15. During the cleanup days, the City will provide pickup and hauling of items free to citizens of the community except for appliances and tires which require stickers to be purchased at Alta City Hall.

“Like many area towns, Alta has also become involved in community garage sales,” Alta Mayor Kevin Walsh said. “This becomes an attraction for Alta due to the number of citizens having these sales. City of Alta is happy to promote this event as it helps our local residents as well as brings outside guests into our community.”

The city-wide cleanup days are designed to instill community pride and beautification and to make it easier for citizens to dispose of unwanted items. “Alta is one of only a few area communities (if there are any others) that has offered a free clean up day annually to our citizens at no charge to them unless they have specialized items such as certain appliances, batteries, tires, etc.,” Mayor Walsh said. “It costs the city extra money to dispose of these products. This was started several years back and continuing city leaders still believe this is a great asset to our community.”

“When other communities have offered this, my understanding is that oftentimes it is still up to the homeowner to bring the items to a local dumpster. Alta does this by picking up curbside on your property. This is a heavy burden on our employees as it takes hundreds of man hours to complete this cleanup, in what is already an extremely busy time of year for them, but they do it happily knowing they’re helping our fellow citizens. I would urge our citizens to take advantage of this once a year opportunity as it can become quite costly to haul this to the landfill yourself,” he said.

“Once city clean up is through, our code enforcement officer will be checking around for excessive junk accumulation and if you happen to not take advantage of our generous offer, you can expect a friendly knock on your door. I strive to have the city of Alta be an inviting place where people want to stay and new prospects want to move to. A big part of this is community pride and beautification,” Mayor Walsh said.

Last year’s cleanup days cost the City $1,697.65. The cost of hauling was $4,202.65 and they took in $2,505.00 from residents purchasing stickers. The City picked up 124 tons of TVs, appliances, tires and debris last year.

Restrictions to keep in mind:

Nothing could be set out to the curb earlier than Fri. June 4.

Items need to be curbside by 7 a.m. June 8.

The City will provide pickup and hauling of items free to citizens except for appliances and tires which must have a City sticker on it, purchased at Alta City Hall ahead of time.

Detailed informational flyers are available on the City’s website and Facebook page about both events, and included in the cleanup days flyer is information about what will not be picked up and what will be picked up on specific days.

The City picked up 124 tons of TVs, appliances and tires, and 54 tons of debris last year.