Student work exhibited at art show

Friday, May 21, 2021
The A-A Arts Showcase was held Friday, May 14th at the high school. It included 8th grade and high school art, high school FCS, and high school Industrial Tech projects.

A variety of artwork from high school and 8th grade students was shown at the Alta-Aurelia Arts Showcase on May 14th at the high school. It included work from art classes, high school FCS and high school Industrial Tech projects.

Aimee Luksan teaches 9th-12th grade art classes at the high school and was one of four organizers. “Last year the art show (just 8th-12th art) was a virtual show. However, this is the first year we combined the visual arts classes with the FCS and Industrial Tech classes. I feel it is important to show student work because it is worthy of being seen. Also, it is a great opportunity to bring the parents and communities into the school to see what the students can do and what they have been working on,” she said.

“For just the visual arts, I had over 400 student pieces being shown. Then there were the woods and sewing pieces,” Luksan said.

“Overall, the show received positive feedback. This was our first time having it in the school gym. For the visual arts portion, students created sculptures, drawings, paintings, printmaking, photography, and mixed media pieces. The drawings were done in a variety of mediums, such as graphite pencil, colored pencil, sharpie, oil pastel, chalk pastel, india ink, or charcoal pencil. The paintings were done in acrylic, watercolor, guash, or spray paint,” Luksan said.

Another organizer was Elizabeth Petersen who teaches first through eighth grade art in Aurelia. “It was great to have our art show in person again. This year was the first year that we had the industrial tech and family and consumer science projects,” she said.

“With the date being scheduled for the same time as the junior high conference track meet, we didn’t have as many middle schoolers there as we have in the past. But that’s the great thing about our small school. Our students are involved with so much,” Petersen said.

“The judge had a difficult task for selecting award winners. We had two categories: graphite self portraits and ceramics. Each eighth grader was required to submit one project of their choice,” she said.

Other event organizers were Michael Schnoes and Brea Husman.

Award Winners:

Grades 9-12

Art IV


1st - Faith DeGroot

2nd - Faith DeGroot

3rd - Faith DeGroot


1st - Faith DeGroot

2nd - Marcos Uribe

3rd - Marcos Uribe

Mixed Media

1st - Emily Drzycimski

2nd - Gabe McSparren

3rd - Gabe McSparren


1st - Faith DeGroot

2nd - Emily Drzycimski

3rd - Emily Drzycimski

Best of Show - Faith DeGroot, “Bottle on a Rainy Day”


Mixed Media

1st - Marlene Valdovinos

2nd - Mackenzie Snyder

3rd - Caela Kruger


1st - Mackenzie Snyder

2nd - Caela Kruger

3rd - Ethan Hach


1st - Lorelei Schumacher

2nd - Melinda Peterson

3rd - Caela Kruger


1st - Emily Rodriguez

2nd - Ethan Hach

3rd - Lorelei Schumacher

Art II


1st - Faith Buss

2nd - Ellie Kaskey

3rd - Grace Mills


1st - Ellie Kaskey

2nd - Ellie Kaskey

3rd - Sara Cargin


1st - Jasmine Sliefert

2nd - Lily Buckendahl

3rd - Connie Marcos

Art I


1st - Allison Watts

2nd - Lucy Gunkleman

3rd - Braden Schmidt


1st - Collin Aronson

2nd - Kelsey Erlandson

3rd - Lucy Gunkelman


1st - Allison Watts

2nd - Kelsie Aronson

3rd - Mason Barnes

8th grade

Self Portrait

1st - Miranda Mendoza

2nd - Gavin Sleezer

3rd - Aubrey Kannegieter


1st - Joshua Launderville

2nd - Kerrigan Pedersen

3rd - Haley Beazley