Board hires new principal, okays floor project

Friday, May 21, 2021

The Alta-Aurelia School Board has voted unanimously to hire Tim Scott as the new Alta Elementary School principal. Scott will replace Stacy Mueller, who was terminated as of the end of the school year, despite some public protests. Scott spent most of his career in Iowa, but has recently been living in Michigan.

An upcoming project at the Aurelia school building involves a floor renovation to include both locker rooms that are said to be in rough shape, both shower areas and entryways on both ends of the gym. Some of the flooring is chipping and deemed hazardous by school officials.

Superintendent William Walters said the original flooring project was not completed. “They just didn’t go all the way down. It just stopped.” People comment to him about why the project was unfinished, particularly because some of it is located in a ‘first impression’ area.

A school official attempted to contact the company from the previous renovation to inquire if they could complete the project so the flooring could be matched, but they never responded. 

“Finding people to do this work, if the project isn’t huge, is very difficult,” Walters said. The plan is to hire Aurelia graduate Mark Schwanz of Holstein for the renovation. “We tried to get the original contractor. They just aren’t going to come down for something that small, and this gentleman does good work,” Walters said. Schwanz indicated he could match the flooring.

Walters spoke of potential hazards with the current flooring. He said the school district has had several slipping accidents for various reasons.

The board voted unanimously to hire Schwanz for $12,086.

Brian Lockin of Lockin Insurance Agency in Aurelia attended the meeting to present the annual insurance review and said slip and falls tend to be among the top ten losses. Going forward, he said, “What can we do to curb that?”

On May 21 a loss control specialist from EMC will visit the school district. “He’s going to do a total slip and fall evaluation of all buildings in the district. We will then be given an extensive report on things that we can improve on and recommendations going forward,” Lockin said. His agency partners with GOES Insurance Services in Alta who are local agents for the EMC Safety Group insurance package.

The Board also approved a donation of $1,500 to Alta-Aurelia Shooting Sports.