Not every community has a library

Friday, May 14, 2021

From the Alta Library Board:

Alta has a library because:

1) The Alta City Government and voters passed an ordinance and tax levy in 1919 to support library operations. Note that Buena Vista County contributes tax funding for rural residents to have access to Alta Community Library services. The Alta Community Library is accredited and receives funding from the State of Iowa.

2) In 2003, Alta voters approved a new middle school building designed with a shared school-city library facility.

3) The City of Alta and the Alta-Aurelia school district have a 28E agreement which governs the shared use of the building space along with shared expenses and other defined responsibilities.

You can visit website and our FaceBook page to learn more. Check both sites for varying operating hours and closings, when those occur.

Note: COVID-19 safety is required. Please wear a mask and use hand sanitizer (available inside).

The Alta library is located at 1009 S Main Street. The entrance is in the middle of the complex, between the Elementary and High School facility.