Dollars for Scholars honors 34 seniors

Friday, April 30, 2021
Dollars for Scholars recipients (front left to right):  Carol Grace Riner, Ellie Scully, Alex Stansberry, Heidi Barron-Castillo, Anahi Garcia, and Leslie Ramirez. (Second row): Jadyn Rydberg, Mary Yanga, Evie AlSaffer, Alejandra Comparan Rodriguez, Jocelyn Ramos, Mia Alvarez, Chelsea Baccam, and Anna Rasasy. (Third row): Ben Raveling, Mark Eddie, Pako Garcia, Jaxon Burton, Jaylen Saengchanpheng, Ben Gallagher, Kevin Lopez, and Keyon Hamilton. *Not pictured: Crosby Chanthavisouk, Shaneytrice Cisneros, Marian Comparan, Timothy Daniels, Carlos Diaz, Holly Dierenfield, Ariana Elsden, Alan Flores, Ethan Gasner, Oahn Lam, Issac Morales, and Natalie Nieto.

Members of the Storm Lake Dollars for Scholars Chapter of Scholarship America announced scholarships for 34 seniors from Storm Lake High School and Storm Lake St. Mary’s High School in a ceremony Sunday. The awards total $44,900. This amount includes five $1200, 17 $900, and 12 $700 chapter scholarships generated through the Dollars for Scholars community campaign as well as 33 sponsored scholarships. 

Chapter scholarships are funded by the generous contributions of individuals, families, local organizations, businesses, and interest from trust funds. 

Sponsored scholarships are funded by local community service organizations, local businesses, and individuals who believe in encouraging and rewarding our youth. Scholarships reward students for academic achievement along with school and community involvement, activities, and employment during the school year. 

Senior Mary Yanga, with Jacquie Drey, who presented Yanga with the Storm Lake Education Association Scholarship on behalf of the teaching staff. Yanga also was chosen for the Storm Lake School District Administrative Team Scholarship.

A new scholarship this year is the Steve Tjaden Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship is open to any student pursuing a career in mental health or social work.

Storm Lake Dollars for Scholars program is always looking for new members to join its board. For more information on the program, or to volunteer or donate funds, see Information to sponsor a scholarship can be found on the site, too. 

Scholarships presented during Sunday’s ceremony:

$1200 Chapter Scholarships: 

Evie ALSaffar, Ariana Elsden, Benjamin Gallagher, Ellen Scully, and Jaxon Burton.

$900 Chapter Scholarships:

Carlos Diaz, Ethan Gasner, Carol Grace Riner, Jadyn Rydberg, Anna Rasasy, Holly Dierenfield, Mary Yanga, Anahi Garcia, Kevin Lopez, Benjamin Raveling, Marian Comparan, Mark Eddie, Jocelyn Ramos, Heidi Barron-Castillo, Oanh Lam, Chelsea Baccam, and Jaylen Saengchanpheng.

$700 Chapter Scholarships:

Juan Garcia, Margaret Stansberry, Alejandra Comparan Rodriguez, Crosby Chanthavisouk, Natalie Nieto, Keyon Hamilton, Leslie Ramirez, Mia Alvarez, Timothy Daniels, Issac Morales, Shaneytrice Cisneros, and Alan Flores.

Sponsored Scholarships:

Anna Rasasy- Anita Daniels Memorial $500

Jocelyn Ramos- Anita Daniels Memorial $500

Juan Garcia- Anne Gallagher Memorial $500

Ariana Elsden- Anne Gallagher Memorial $500

Jadyn Rydberg- Bernice Kolb Memorial $500

Oanh Lam- Bernice Kolb Memorial $500

Chelsea Baccam- Floyd and Dorcas Kallmer $500

Ariana Elsden- Frank T. & Joan L. Smith Memorial $300

Ethan Gasner- ISG $500

Holly Dierenfield- ISG $500

Ellen Scully- Joan Vilas Memorial $500

Ariana Elsden- Kristen Kelley Zoucha Catholic Leaders $500

Benjamin Raveling- Kyle Drey Memorial $500

Ariana Elsden- Marjorie Troxel Fratzke Memorial $500

Crosby Chanthavisouk- STARS Mentoring Program $300

Natalie Nieto- STARS Mentoring Program $300

Anahi Garcia- STARS Mentoring Program $300

Oanh Lam- STARS Mentoring Program $300

Shaneytrice Cisneros- STARS Mentoring Program $300

Evie ALSaffar- P.E.O. Scholarship $1000

Benjamin Raveling- Pat Fisher Memorial $500

Jadyn Rydberg- Porsch Family $500

Evie ALSaffar- Robert E. and Alice Mailliard Memorial $500

Jaxon Burton- Security Trust & Savings Bank $500

Carlos Diaz- Steve Tjaden Memorial Scholarship $500

Mary Yanga- SLCSD Administrative Team $300

Mary Yanga- Storm Lake Education Association $500

Benjamin Raveling- Storm Lake Hy-Noon Kiwanis $300

Mark Eddie- Storm Lake Hy-Noon Kiwanis $300

Evie ALSaffar- Storm Lake Rotary $350

Holly Dierenfield- Storm Lake Rotary $350

Holly Dierenfield- United Bank of Iowa $500

Kevin Lopez- United Community Health Center- $300