A-A students have neon prom night

Friday, April 30, 2021

After the cancellation of last year’s prom, A-A High School students were elated to get back to tradition. Their prom was held on April 24th with the theme, “Nights out, Lights out!”

It began with Grand March where students and their dates could show off their dates and clothes, then supper, dance and after-prom. A prom king and queen were not selected.

Cade Rohwer appreciated having prom his senior year. “The prom was fun! Everyone was getting involved and having a lot of fun together. It was a good prom to end on, as last year was cancelled because of COVID,” he said. “The theme was ‘nights out, lights out.’ It was like a neon night! We had lots of black lights, glow sticks, and props to make it a neon environment and fun to be in!”

Amelia Damewood, a junior, said, “Prom went well. We had a fun night of dancing, bowling, and playing card games. Overall a memorable experience.”

Emma Peterson is also a junior. “I had a great time at prom, and it was a wonderful night!” she said.

Wendell Larson, a teacher at the high school, was one of the prom advisors. “It went really well other than the whole masks thing.” During some portions of the evening, masks were not required, he said.

About 105 students attended. “We had good attendance. At the after-prom we had about 85. We had bowling, laser tag, karaoke, board games and there were prizes,” Larson said. After-prom is an entertainment event with the dual purpose of keeping kids safe on prom night.