Street Dept. working on spring/summer preparations and tree removal

Friday, April 30, 2021

Now is the time to gear up for sports and events in the Alta Street Department, while in the fall winterizing is a priority, and in winter it is snow removal and hauling. Major projects at the moment are readying for opening of the pool, ball fields and Shelter House, said Alta’s Garbage/Street Dept. supervisor Brad Pedersen.

“We’ve got to get the pool cleaned and ready. Probably in 2 weeks we’ll drain the pool, clean the walls and fill it back up for the summer to get ready for the opening which I think they plan on May 28th for opening,” Pedersen said.

They have prepared the concession stand and bath house at the pool that the school uses for track meets which includes hooking up water lines. “So we got the water turned on and fixed a couple things that age-wise need to be done,” he said.

They’ve got the water turned on at the ball diamonds because practices are coming up, and the ball diamond nets are up. They cleaned up branches in the park area around the bath house before the track meet and cleaned up a tree that fell in the park. In addition, “We got the shelter house turned on for summer so that people can rent that.”

A year-round project in Alta is tree and brush removal. Pedersen said most of Alta’s trees requiring removal are ash trees infected with the emerald ash borer. However, “There are some soft maples that will have to come out also because a soft maple has a tendency to deteriorate from the inside and I’ve got a couple that are in that situation. The ash borer just likes the ash tree. It does not affect any other tree, but there’s other diseases and storm damage that we have to take care of.” Brush is hauled away and burned at the plant.

“On rainy days we’ll maintain our equipment and there is cleaning to do at the wastewater plant to catch up on, things like that,” he said.

Other March and April projects included filling in potholes in alleys, cleaning and fixing storm drains, updating stormwater maps, sampling and hauling sludge, moving snow, working on the retention pond and working on the camera system and equipment.