From the mayor

Friday, April 30, 2021

Alta Friends,

As I travel through our city park I often look over at what was once known as the little cook house. This little building sits behind the basket ball court area. As I grow a little older I find myself reminiscing on what used to be. Next to this little gem are the old restrooms that were used while playing in the area. These are in worse condition but I still have a vision of a new restroom replacing these. I have other ideas for this area that I will share another time but for now, back to the cook house. I am reaching out to our fine citizens wondering who may be out there with an idea on how this old building can find purpose again. Of course I am aware that perhaps the simplest solution would be to have it demolished and hauled away rather than continuing to watch it lose its battle to mother nature every year. Today, it seems to still be a very solid structure but it has been diminished to an empty shell with the door nailed shut serving really, no purpose at all. Whos willing to share their ideas? Our community is the finest around in my opinion, and we will only get stronger and better when working together. Who will be first?


Mayor Walsh