Kids’ Dance Clinic and Dance Night went on with a few changes

Friday, April 16, 2021
DANCE - The Alta-Aurelia Fusion Dance Team hosted a kids clinic and dance night on March 26th and 27th.

Dancers performed at the Alta-Aurelia Fusion Dance Team’s Kids’ Dance Clinic and Dance Night on March 26th and 27th. Performers included kids and high school students.

“We had to separate them this year due to COVID and not wanting to overpack the gym,” A-A Fusion Dance Team Coach Brooke Nielsen said. “We put this on every year at the end of the season to showcase all of the girls’ hard work and all their dances from the season. It is a fundraiser to help support our program as well as a fun event for the girls. This year was only our dance team and we had guest performances by Drishti School of Dance and Fitness in Alta.”

Emma Peterson is a Fusion Dance Team co-captain. She is a junior and lives in Aurelia. “The dance clinic was a lot of fun, though it was very different! Instead of having the clinic on Saturday morning and then having the children perform at dance night, this year we had the clinic on Friday night after school and then just had a little showcase for the parents to watch the dances,” she said.

“Us as dance team members were assigned different grades and then put together different routines for that grade level,” Peterson said. “We had two hours to then teach and practice the routine. After that two hours parents were able to come and watch their children perform their dance!”

“There was a large number of children this year who attended, I believe there were about 200 children. I got the privilege to teach the TK and Kindergarten group with Amelia Damewood, which was so much fun. I think that my favorite part about the clinic was seeing the girls faces when they got to perform, they all looked so happy and you could see the future dancers in them.”

Dance Night on March 27th also was different this year, she said. “The only major difference was not having the younger kids come and dance. We thankfully did not have to have spectator restrictions, but did require everyone to wear masks. Overall I thought that dance was very different. During our dances we were not allowed to touch one another, which competing in our kick routine made it very difficult.”