SLMS students participate in national history day

Friday, March 26, 2021

Storm Lake Middle School would like to congratulate SLMS students who participated in National History Day this year. More than half a million middle and high school students participated in this contest. Students benefited by using reading and research skills, problem solving skills, and critical thinking.

Its had five sixth graders create “Mini-NHD” projects: Alexandra Stille, Elijah DeMan, Maxwell White, Santiago Hernandez, and Alex Placencia. It had 15 seventh and eighth graders complete full projects to compete in the Spirit Lake regional competition that was held in February. As expected, it was tricky to not have classroom time to work on these extensive research projects.

This year’s theme was “Communication in History: The Key to Understanding.” These are the competing students and their topics: Manav Patel: Communicating Freedom: The District of Columbia Emancipation Proclamation; Lillie Hoffman: Communicating the Y2K Message: The Key to Understanding How to Take a Successful Step into the New Millennium; Kevin Rosales/Hao Khang/Joey Lopez: Nuclear Devastation: Chernobyl; Sunny Flower/Eh Nay Tha Sher/Magdalene Dahlhauser/Miriam Tejeda: From Bad Intel to Unethical Reporting: Miscommunication of the My Lai Massacre; Silvia Kampbell: The Rhetoric of Revolution: Thomas Paine’s Common Sense; Sophie Kucera/Genesis Almada/Iker Gomez: Confronting Violence with Peace: Southern Christian Leadership Conference; and Justin Gonzales/Alejandro Flores: Raiding the Fortress (Bastille).