Westphal earns Academic All-State honor

Friday, March 26, 2021

With nearly 10 years of experience playing basketball, Alta-Aurelia High School senior Alaina Westphal has been named to the Academic All-State Team for the 2020-2021 basketball season. ”Being named to the Academic All-State Team for this basketball season is an honor because it shows something that I have worked at achieving since my freshman year,” she said. “Grades have always been important to me so being recognized for my academic achievements is a great honor.”

COVID changed athletics this year, but she and the other students persevered. “I rarely played one position because of the limited numbers we had out this year but I was mainly a post player,” Westphal said. “This season was very different in terms of games, practices, and fans at our games. It was weird starting off the season with only two fans per player but it got to be more normal towards the end of the season when attendance was unlimited. There was lots of sanitation and social distancing during practice and games which felt weird but kept us safe.”

Ten years ago in third grade is when she began playing basketball, and she knows from experience that being an athlete comes with its ups and downs. “I did have to sit out my sophomore year due to a torn ACL so I’ve really only played nine years,” she said.

Westphal’s schedule is somewhat full as she also competes in track and plays softball. She lives in Aurelia, and after high school plans to attend the University of Iowa as a direct admit into the College of Nursing.