A-A speech competition results

Friday, March 12, 2021
Front Row: Jared Stopczynski, Ethan Stopczynski, Ellie Kaskey, Brennan Shea, Abigail Marcos, Sierra Hill, Emily Launderville, Trista Erlandson, Madlin Wipperling. Back Row: Lydia Feis, Parker Buckendahl, Ava Graham, Joelle Arnts, Sarah Cummins, Piper Graham.

The Alta-Aurelia Warrior Speech Team had a great day at the District Individual Speech Contest on Saturday, February 27th. Fifteen performers presented 21 entries and received 15 Division I ratings and six Division II ratings.

“Prose” - Brennan Shea I, Trista Erlandson I, Lydia Feis I, Joelle Arnts I, Jared Stopczynski I, Emily Launderville I

“Poetry” - Parker Buckendahl II, Ethan Stopczynski II, Piper Graham II

“Literary Program” - Madlin Wipperling I

“Radio News” - Brennan Shea I

“After Dinner” - Abigail Marcos I

“Storytelling” - Ellie Kaskey I, Ava Graham II, Sarah Cummins II, Parker Buckendahl I

“Improv” - Sierra Hill I, Ellie Kaskey I, Madlin Wipperling II

“Musical Theatre” - Abigail Marcos I, Sierra Hill I