A-A dancers make it on the All-Iowa Honor Dance Team

Friday, March 5, 2021

Five Alta-Aurelia dancers qualified for the All-Iowa Honor Dance Team with performances scheduled for Saturday March 6th. They are Jasmine Sliefert, Emma Peterson, Amelia Damewood, Jocelyn Launderville and Lydia Feis.

A-A Fusion Dance Team coach Brooke Nielsen said this is a huge honor for the girls. “They tried out virtually in August. Dance teams from around the state are allowed to audition up to 6 dancers. Over 500 dancers around the state auditioned, and the team is selected from those auditions. It’s a huge honor for these 5 to be picked among the best dancers across the state! These girls have worked extremely hard and it will be a fabulous show!” Nielsen said.

Forty teams qualified for the State Basketball Tournament after days, weeks and months of practice during unprecedented times. Another championship caliber team that will show its talent Saturday has practiced just a few hours. That team is the All-Iowa Honor Dance Team, which has become a tradition at the Girls’ State Basketball Tournament. After just hours of practice together, the students annually put on a show that is nationally recognized as one of the finest of its kind. This year however was different. The dancers came together on Feb. 22 to learn the entire show and then pre-record the show for television.

All dance teams represented are members of the Iowa State Dance Team Association, and the dancers were chosen based on ability, attitude, dedication and leadership qualities. 520 dancers auditioned virtually last fall.

The performance by the All-Iowa Honor Dance Team will take place during the 4A championship game halftime Saturday, March 6 (Game time is 1:30 pm) and the 1A Championship game halftime (game time is 6:30 pm). The halftime group includes 238 dancers representing 90 Iowa high schools. The halftime performance will be aired on Iowa PBS.

The IGHSAU salutes, for the 40th consecutive year, Kathy Enyart and the All-Iowa Honor Dance Team.