Altagether to host home and garden show

Friday, February 12, 2021
Rob Hach pictured second from right.

The Alta Community Center is the place to be on Sat. Mar. 6th for anyone in need of home repairs. Rob Hach, founder and organizer of the community volunteerism group Altagether, requested use of the facility for the organization’s winter project.

At the Feb. 1st Alta City Council meeting, Hach requested use of the community center at a discount or at no cost for the first annual home and garden show. The event is designed to connect Alta residents with contractors for home repairs.

He started Altagether last year when information was posted online criticizing some residents’ homes and yards. He and others wanted to help out the people of Alta and have had several volunteerism projects. “I went out and talked to a number of those people that were on the list about what was going on. Number one issue that I was hearing back from people is they can’t get a contractor to call them back. So the idea I’m asking is why don’t we do a home and garden show in order to get all the contractors coming in,” he said.

Rob Hach at Altagether’s summer cleanup last Sept. / Photo submitted

“I’ve already sent out a lot of text messages to the contractors that I knew. I just did a blitz and I’ve gotten a lot of real great feedback. They like the idea of that,” Hach said. “I think we’d be able to get the room filled. We’ve got over a thousand addresses from the area that would be potential customers that would come in and ask for the work from contractors. This is the best time of the year in order to line up your contractors for the year.”

“Right now we don’t want to charge anything for the vendors that come in. We don’t necessarily want to charge anything the first year for the people to come in, just to be able to get a turnout year one, and then year two we can start charging.”

The plan is to social distance and wear masks. “We’ll have the different contractors line up around here and people from the community come in and visit with them one-on-one one in the off-season.”

Council Member Pam Henderson asked if this is basically an informational event for the residents, and Hach said yes. “I personally think it’s a great idea,” Mayor Kevin Walsh said. In the past, the Council has approved reducing or waiving community center rent for the school and other organizations using the donation fund, he said.

Hach acknowledged and appreciates the mayor, his wife and council members who have volunteered for Altagether projects. “There’s definitely a need in this community.” He cited examples of a resident who had a leak in her roof for over a year and volunteers saw that it was filled. They are working to find a drywaller to complete another home project. Another resident had a tree fall on their house, he was contacted and ‘a ton’ of volunteers came to help. “This town has a heart. It really is unbelievable. The more we get it organized, the more impact we have on the community.” he said.

“There’s a need and it’s just a matter of some of these people just need a place to go.” Hach offered having a donation bucket at the front door. “The biggest thing is getting people to show up, then next year we’ll charge the contractors because the first year is always the hardest year and the second year we can start charging. I think it will be a great place to get people to turn out.”

City Clerk Megan Peterson said the City has more than $900 in the donation budget. The Council voted unanimously to reduce the rent for use of the community center for Altagether’s home and garden show to $200 and use the donation budget to cover the $200 cost.

Hach has applied and is awaiting approval on Altagether’s non-profit status. For more information about the home and garden show, call (712)291-8012. Anyone from any community is welcome to attend.