Alta Superintendent: return local control, suspend standardized testing

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

What would the Alta-Aurelia schools like to see from the state legislature this coming session?

Superintendent William Walters said he is hoping for 2 percent in allowable growth money, though he expects the state to be cautious with its funding. “At some point we will have to pay for all this,” he said of pandemic response efforts.

Walters would also like to see a move toward some unrestricted funding for one year, giving school districts more flexibility in how to use their dollars in the wake of COVID-19.

The superintendent also suggests allowing Iowa schools to opt out of standardized testing for a year. “I don’t think they are valid at this time - it would just be an added stressor for the kids, families and teachers at a time when they don’t need it.”

Even before COVID-19, the state had become too restrictive on its schools, in Walters’ opinion.

“Iowa used to do it right. It was a local control state - and trust me, it was better,” he told the Pilot-Tribune.