Local Board of Health: masks, social distancing work

Friday, August 14, 2020

The Buena Vista County Board of Health released the following statement this week encouraging use of facial coverings to protect against the spread of COVID-19:

Buena Vista County Board of Health is responsible for addressing the health concerns of Buena Vista County citizens. The Center for Disease Control states, “The science shows face masks work both to protect the wearer and to protect others from coronavirus and everyone needs to wear one when around other people in public.” 

The Board of Health believes this is especially true when you are around other people who don’t live in your household and when social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.  Keeping a six-foot distance between you and other people is ideal as it will reduce the risk of exposure to coronavirus. 

  As our community reopens, the best way to keep everyone healthy and to reduce community spread in Buena Vista County is to wear a mask, social distance and practice increased hand washing and surface cleaning. Buena Vista County Public Health will continue to monitor the positive case trend and will keep our community informed if more strict mitigation efforts are indicated. 

  We are so fortunate to live in a beautiful, diverse and vibrant county.  If our community can come together to protect each other by taking these simple steps, we will be able to continue our reopening efforts with minimal negative impact. 


Buena Vista County Board of Health

Jon McKenna-Chair

Dr. Scott Wulfekuhler-Vice Chair

Rhonda Ringgenberg

Peg Hinkeldey

Julie Sievers

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