King polls on COVID-19 concerns in ‘tele-townhall’

Friday, April 10, 2020

Congressman Steve King shared results from an informal “tele-townhall” meeting this week on the COVID-19 virus.

King said that thousands of people from throughout the district participated.

The congressman polled participants on several questions:

1. When re-opening the economy, should the order be nationwide, statewide, or county by county?

Nationwide - 15%

Statewide - 49%

County-by-county - 35%

2) When the economy is reopened, should the order be “all at once” or “incrementally, in reverse order of when it closed’?

“All at once” - 27%

“Incrementally” - 73%

3) Are you in favor of names/addresses being released for those who have tested positive for the virus?

Yes - 50%

No - 40%

No opinion - 10%

4) How worried are you that you or someone in your family will be exposed to the coronavirus?

Very worried - 35%

Somewhat worried - 48%

Not worried - 17%.

  “The numbers in regards to the first question are particularly striking. Constituents in the 4th District seem to clearly reject the idea that there is a ‘one size fits all’ solution, and clearly prefer greater decision making be done locally, whether its at the state or county level,” King remarked.

  King conducted the townhall from what he has taken to calling “Base Camp Kiron,” his home in northwest Iowa.

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