World Read Aloud Day

Friday, February 14, 2020

On Wednesday, February 5, Alta Elementary students and staff kicked off their morning by participating in World Read Aloud Day. Before they could celebrate, they needed to get ready, by choosing their favorite book to listen to; but the mystery was, they didnít know who was going to read it. Staff members chose their favorite book and book covers were put on display for the kids to choose.

Wednesday morning, kids were sent to different rooms to find out who would be reading the book they had chosen. Kids who chose Mrs. Krugerís book, I Have to Go, by Robert Munsch said ďI knew you picked a Robert Munsch book because heís your favorite author,Ē this was from former student Maria Munoz-Morales who is now in Mrs. Strockís 3rd grade class. First grader, Brayden Diekman, said ďI knew you picked a Robert Munsch book but didnít know which one, (4 others were also on the display) Iím just glad I picked the right one.Ē Kruger said, she loves Robert Munsch stories because they are funny and loves to read them with different voices and she was thrilled that some former students still remembered that he was her favorite author. second Grade teacher, Cary Friedrich also commented that kids knew which book was hers too, because it is one she shares often with her students. Some kids were very surprised to see their mystery reader, especially when they went to the art room. It wasnít the art teacher, Elizabeth Peterson, but it was Title 1 teacher, Amelia Werner, who read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See by Eric Carle. Teachers said it was a great way to start the day and would love to do it again.

The fun didnít stop there though, following this activity studentís returned to their rooms, where they were partnered up with different high school connections classes. Students read to each other for 30 minutes. Kruger said, ďItís always fun to see former students come back and read to current students and itís equally important for younger students to see the high school students in the academic setting, most see them in extra-curriculars or different settings. The younger students look up to the ďbig kidsĒ and seeing such a positive interaction between them melts your heartĒ.

The pre-school students and staff were also included in on the fun. Along with reading with high school students, some teachers also participated in sharing their favorite book, they also had guest readers come to their room to read. Sally VanHouten, Laurie Aube and Bill Walters did a great job reading to the schoolís littlest Warriors.