A-A schools see test results as ‘snapshot’

Friday, February 14, 2020

At the February 10 Alta-Aurelia School Board meeting, principals reported to the board about student test scores.

Elementary and middle school Principal Jeannie Henningsen gave recent data of K-8 students. “I’m really excited about our scores and winter screening,” she said. However, she emphasized that the results are just a snapshot of what the students are doing throughout the year.

She said the district appreciates feedback from Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress (ISASP). “We look at the data and we really try to hone in on what we can improve. We’re always looking for improvement,” Henningsen said. The science portion was changed drastically, so they will to take a look at that, she said.

She emphasized that standardized tests are not conducive for every student. “You have to take everything with a grain of salt. They should be comparing themselves to themselves,” Henningsen said.

The below results include classroom assessments and ISASP data. Testing occurs in the fall, winter and spring.

Reading and math data 2019-2020, winter screening:

Reading: Proficient
K-1st (Early Reading) 85% (22% advanced)
2nd-4th (Comprehension) 94% (5% advanced)
2nd-4th (Fluency) 86% (14% advanced)
5th-8th (Star Reading) 65% (6% advanced)
Math: Proficient
1st-4th (Star Math) 92% (28% advanced)
5th-8th (Star Reading) 81% (23% advanced)

(Percentage in parenthesis indicates the state proficient level.)

ISASP Data (Iowa Assessment Results)

ELA Math Science
Proficient Proficient Proficient
3rd 42% 67%
4th 75% (5% advanced) 40%
5th 76% 69% (2% advanced) 47%
6th 62% (2% advanced) 66% (4% advanced)
7th 71% (6% advanced) 75% (8% advanced)
8th 68% (9% advanced) 82% (7%) 54% (7%adv.)

(Percentage in parenthesis indicates the state proficient level.)

Alta-Aurelia High School Principal Tom Ryherd gave a report of high school results from spring of last year. The district will test again on March 30. “They’re not great,” he said of the scores. However, he agreed with Henningsen that this is just a snapshot.

Spring 2019 Alta-Aurelia High School ISASP Proficiency Levels:

9th grade86% Proficient (76%)77% Proficient (69%)
10th grade 64% Proficient (74%)47% Proficient (66%)36% Proficient (63%)
11th grade 61% Proficient (71%)69% Proficient (66%)

(Percentage in parenthesis indicates the state proficient level.)