Ciechanowski steps down at BV Raceway

Friday, January 17, 2020

Buena Vista Raceway manager Joey Ciechanowski will be leaving his position after two years at the helm.

“With many thoughts and long considerations, I have made a decision to not renew my contract regarding the promotion of the Buena Vista Raceway for the 2020 season and return the track to the Buena Vista County Ag Association,” he said in a social media announcement Wednesday. “This has been a very tough decision to make but feel that with the addition of another child in June of ‘20 and other previous business engagements, this is the best decision for my family and my endeavors. Thank you for your understanding and respecting my decision.”

Ciechanowski said that “The Beaver” in Alta has enjoyed tremendous success that would not have been possible without the support from local communities, the sponsoring businesses, the fans, the drivers and crews, and the staff at the Buena Vista Raceway. “We couldn’t have met our goals and put on the great shows we have without it and that has never been unnoticed,” he said.

He thanked the Buena Vista Ag Association past and current boards for the opportunity at the track. “There is nothing more I want to see than the Buena Vista Raceway continue and grow. Please help support BVR in 2020 so it can continue to put on some of the greatest shows on dirt in northwest Iowa!”

The Fair Board will be making future announcements regarding plans moving forward. Questions on promotion can be directed to Mike Christen of the fair boardat or 712-299-7151. For information on sponsorship sign board for the upcoming season, email