School Board Supervisors discuss new app for parents to monitor students better

Friday, November 22, 2019

The Alta-Aurelia School Board of Directors met Monday night and reminded attendees that November 18 through November 22 is American Education Week. There was no mention if the schools will be doing anything special for that week. The conversation quickly took a turn toward the new website the school board is initiating.

Alta-Aurelia School Board Superintendent, Bill Walters, how he and his staff looked at several different website designers. A couple of them were prepared to charge $15,000 to $20,000. In the end, he said, they decided ti stick with who they already have been doing business with.

Walters explained to the board that the new website will also come with an APP that will be available to everyone, including parents. He went on to say how there will be a one-time, up-front fee that may seem steep at first but then the base price won’t change much from what the board pays now for website maintenance.

“As soon as it got approved we started the process,” said Walters. “The website is already being revised. We expect the APP to be done by Christmas. The Android version will go pretty quickly but the Apple side will take a little longer.”

Walters went on to say the app will take users to the website and help them navigate through it better. It will also allow parents to be able to look at their child’s grades and keep up with their day-to-day activities in class.

“It is going to be much easier for the teachers to use too,” said Walters. “A lot more user friendly.”

The board then discussed the retirement of school custodian, Pam Henderson. Walters explained Henderson has worked for the school system for 43 years, to the amazement of some of the staff. Henderson wrote a letter to the board tendering her resignation.

The board also announced the resignation of Assistant Softball Coach, Kacee Christiansen. Walters stated how Christiansen had told him she was ready to scale back her schedule in order to spend more time with her family. The board agreed to accept both resignations.

The last item on the agenda was the replacement of sewage system piping within the high school. It was unanimously decided the school sewage system did need to be examined and will be decided on in the future.

The next school board of supervisors meeting will be December 9 at 5:30 p.m. At the Alta School Board meeting room.