Veterans treated to special day at Alta-Aurelia schools

Friday, November 15, 2019
Aurelia Middle School band performs for the Alta Veterans’ Day celebration. /Photo by Rima Austin

The Alta-Aurelia school board hosted a Veterans’ Day ceremony celebrating all Veterans’, but especially the ones from Buena Vista and Cherokee Counties, Monday morning. Soldiers who had fought in wars as far back as World War II came out to be honored by the children.

Alta High School kicked off the tributes at 9 a.m. with Aurelia Middle School wrapping it up with their program that began at 11 a.m. The students sang American anthems and read poems dedicated to the men and women who have served.

The entire day proved impressive. According to some, the most moving moment was when, at the end of the ceremony at the high school, two trumpeters played Taps in Echo out in the hall while several of the veteran’s stood and saluted. According to rules surrounding the American flag, anytime Taps is played during a ceremony and the flag is brought in or taken out, everyone present is expected to stand and salute.

L-RAndrew Bush, Isaiah Segovia, Kelsie Aronson, Mckenzie Herrig, Lily Schulenberg, Daiton Billings, Cale Brechwald, Mason Barnes.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars, or VFW for short, once again held their Voice of Democracy Scholarship competition for ninth through twelfth grade students across the country. Students in both public and home school are eligible to participate in the competition. Nine students in the Alta-Aurelia Middle School were honored in the competition. According to Kathy Fisher with the Alta VFW, they are still reviewing some of the essays from high school students as well.

“The essays that were chosen to go further here in Alta, will be sent to regionals, then on to state and then nationals if they make it that far.” said Fisher.

The nine middle school students recognized for their essays about Veteran’s Day were as follows:

Veterans watch Veteran’s Day program at Aurelia Middle School.

• Andrew Bush

• Isaiah Segovia

• Kelsie Aronson

• Mckenzie Herrig

• Lily Schulenberg

• Daiton Billings

• Cale Brechwald

• Mason Barnes

• Wyatt Johnson (Not pictured)