Is Alta going to the… cats?

Friday, November 15, 2019

Alta seems to have a growing stray cat issue, according to Mayor Al Clark, who raised the issue with the city council at a recent meeting.

He said Lake Animal Hospital is not accepting the strays, as all of the communities in the area are being overrun with the animals. “Basically, they told me that if we come up with a solution, let them know,” Clark said.

Alta code treats cats the same as dogs - they are to be leashed outside, not allowed to run free, and registered so that they can be returned to owners if they get away.

“We need to get it to the public that if you have a cat, you need to keep it in the house, have it licensed, get it to the vet. If it only has a collar on, it is still a stray cat in my eyes,” Clark said.

A member of the audience suggested that cats be given to someone who would shoot them - but Mayor Clark shut down such talk.

While the city’s written policy has been that strays would be held seven days, then humanely disposed of, he suggested that instead, the city contact some area farmers to see if they would like to accept outside cats from Alta.

The city will not actively “target” the cats, as its workers have their own tasks to do, but if residents turn in or live trap nuisance cats, council members hope, they can be released on the farms.