Alta-Aurelia FFA Members Attend District Conference

Friday, October 25, 2019

Each year the Northwest district and Iowa FFA officers plan and facilitate Greenhand Fire Up Conferences for FFA members in the NW district. Northwestern College welcomed FFA chapters from all over the NW district on October 15.

While at Northwestern on October 15th, district and state officers led four interactive workshops for first year high school FFA members, also known as Greenhands, for the annual Greenhand Fire Up Conference. The workshops facilitated were leadership focused with an emphasis on the experiences that occur in the lives of beginning high school students. Alta-Aurelia had two members attend: Katie Bryant and Kyler Mattson.

Iowa FFA President, Chandler Jahner, stated, “Greenhand Fire Up provides a chance for first-year high school members to get a sneak peek of the opportunities that FFA holds, and is a conference for members to meet and interact with state and district officers.”

The officers prepared and facilitated workshops of: authenticity, balancing priorities, communication, and FFA opportunities – in order to provide the first-year FFA members with skills they would use both within and outside of FFA. The goal was to engage FFA members in learning about the tools that would allow them to be successful in anything they are part of through high school and beyond.

Greenhand Fire Up is made possible with support from Hoegemeyer Hybrids through the Iowa FFA Foundation.