Alta City Election Preview

Friday, October 25, 2019

City Council Candidates

Denny Weber

Denny Weber is seeking a second term after four years on the Alta City Council. “Alta is a great community that I am proud to call home,” he said.

“I’ve always been involved in the community - I feel that everyone should try to be involved in some way,” he added. Continuity with ongoing issues is one reason he chose to seek re-election. “I feel that it’s important to bring ongoing knowledge and background. It really takes a full term to understand everything that a city government needs to do.”

“Being a member of the city council requires dedication of time, flexibility of thought, and an unwavering conviction to do what is best for your community,” he said. “My wife, Jane, and I chose to raise our family in Alta over 40 years ago and have lived here since. I am running for a second term on the council to continue to serve the people of our community and to ensure a thriving community for future generations.”

Weber has been a leader of the Alta Utilities Board for 24 years, is a former president of the Fair Board, and has served as chairperson and co-chair of the county Republican Central Committee. Now retired, he says he has the time to commit to city needs. He cited understanding of city codes, finance, budgeting and research, as well as communication and building relationships, as important attributes.

“Over the past several years we, the council, have worked to prioritize the budget for present needs and the future as well,” he said. He feels efforts are on the right track to keep up with replacements and upgrades of infrastructure and equipment, which will continue to be a key issue for the council.

“It can be a challenge when just one street can cost a million bucks, and raising taxes is absolutely the last thing you want to do,” he said.

Leslie Mann

Leslie Mann, owner of Mann Construction in Alta, is running for one of the three coveted seats in the Alta City Council. When asked why he decided to run again, Mann said he used to sit on the Planning and Zoning Board and would like to be able to put in his ideas.

“I haven’t been involved in some time,” said Mann. “The Mayor (Clark) and I got into it, so I resigned.”

Mann explained how Alta was a great town in his opinion, but that lately, things have been different.

“There has been a feeling of bad attitudes lately,” said Mann. “We need to pull everybody back together for the betterment of the town. “

Mann suggested Alta needs to clean up infrastructure and shepherd funds into revitalizing the town. He stated he does not believe in raising taxes but points out that, as things are now, there might be no way around it. He says he will work hard to keep that from happening.

“Sometime (the council) spends the money they have and don’t put anything back in,” stated Mann. “We need to focus on putting the money back in.”

Pam Henderson

Pam Henderson is running for City council again. Henderson stated she sat on the council for 12 years before being beat out in the mayoral race two years ago. Through the years her community involvement has included Alta Community Chamber, Alta Trails Committee and Alta Kiwanis to name a few. Henderson is concerned about the direction the city has gone lately and would like to be a part of steering it in a new direction.

“I am not happy with the direction Alta has been going in the past two years,” said Henderson. “I would like to see this fine town back to neighbors respecting each other.”

She states she has many priorities should she sit on the board again but realizes it will take months, and possibly years, “to get things back on track with some of the damage that has been done.” She went on to say how, first and foremost, she would like to see the Mayor and council work together for the betterment of Alta and not for themselves. Henderson stated how she would also like to see every code of Alta seriously looked at by the Planning and Zoning Committee.

Henderson explained, “I feel and believe Alta has so much potential if we all would just look to find a way to grow the town, instead of being satisfied with a small, dying community.”

Tom Lane

Tom Lane said he has sat in on every Alta City Board meeting for the past two years. This is the reason he says he decided to run for a seat on the same council. He stated he lives on the west side of town and how he has not seen much representation of that side on the board in a long time. When Lane noticed in the paper that seats were about to be vacant on the council, he decided right then it was time for him to step up to the plate.

“I noticed in the Pilot that seats were becoming available,” said Lane. “I thought to myself, hmmm, I think I’ll run for council.”

Lane’s platform will be lending a voice to the people of Alta. He says one of his first acts as a council member will be focusing on infrastructure, a popular topic in Alta. The one question that remains to be answered is, how will the city pay for it? Lane stated he is against raising taxes but if the need calls for it, he may be forced to vote for it.

“We have sewer lines that are still metal and water lines that are dripping,” said Lane. “I’m not saying I’m totally in favor of raising taxes but if that what it takes then so be it.”

Park Board Candidate

Becky Meyer

Becky Meyer has been on the City of Alta Park Board for the last two years and is looking forward to possibly another term should the citizens of Alta decide they would like to keep her. When asked what the park board does, she responded that they are in charge of the pool house, the baseball diamonds, and the shelter house at the park.

“This year we are looking at expanding our playground at the park,” said Meyer. “Actually, we are going to work on it together with the schools who are also trying to do a new playground.”

When asked if there was anything new she would be focusing on this year, she responded with a resounding yes. She said a blight has come through the town killing a lot of Alta’s tree population. She said she would like to work closely with the city to get more trees planted in the park and around town.

Meyer stated they will also re-vamp their program at the community swimming pool. She went on to say how, last year because of staffing reasons, they could not keep the pool open every day. She said they will be looking for new staff this year such as lifeguards and a pool manager right after the first of the year. However, Meyer went on to say not everything needed to be updated.

“We do have an awesome ball program here,” said Meyer. “It’s a very nice complex.”

Meyer stated, for anyone interested in a position at the city pool, contact City Clerk, Megan Peterson at the city clerk’s office in Alta.

“My husband and I both grew up here in Alta,” said Meyer. “We just want to see everything be successful.”