Building a Ramp for Beauden Larson

Friday, September 6, 2019
Sixteen post-holes later, they started framing the 44-foot ramp that was ADA compliant.

It all started at a National Night Out block party at Trinity Lutheran Church in 2018. Cynthia Larson visited with her three boys, Schade, Beauden and Nash for hot dogs and games. Beauden, who is confined to a wheel chair, was treated to a special time in the bouncy-house with his mother. His laughter was like music.

Since then, the family experienced some unusual challenges. The house they were renting was foreclosed because the landlord was not keeping up with the mortgage. The Larsons were forced to move. Cynthia purchased a trailer in Westview trailer park, Alta, and started making it a suitable home for her and the boys.

But the trailer had a special challenge. Particularly for Beauden: the front door was 35 inches off the ground. Unable to navigate the stairs, Beauden had to be carried in and out of the house, up four stairs. Beauden will be 13 years old this fall; his current weight is over 75 pounds.

The Larson family trying out the ramp: Cynthia, and Beauden, back row: Schade and Nash.

Trinity Lutheran Church and their pastor, Pastor Denise Parrello, remembered the Larsons from the National Night Out and offered to help. A ramp would make a big difference in the life of the whole family. And so the project began to build a ramp for Beauden.

The entire community got involved. All the churches in town participated in fundraising for the project (Trinity Lutheran, First Presbyterian, United Methodist, Summit Evangelical, St. Paul Lutheran and St. Paulís Sunday school). The Alta and Aurelia Kiwanis clubs discussed their participation as well. God was at work making things happen for the ramp.

The architect, Glen Huntington, developed a plan. Matt Hess, the Alta code enforcement officer, donated the building permit. Paul Hill, a contractor in Alta, blessed the project with his construction expertise. And Aurelia Lumber donated the material at cost. A quick call to IOWA-ONE-CALL, and construction was underway.

The volunteers: Lynn Evans, Pat Cone, Paul Hill, Bernie Peterson, Michael Malvesti, Back row: Grey Fredricksen, Russ Winterhof, Not pictured: Beth Winterhof, Trevor Sangwin, Pastor Denise, Parello, Janet Frantz and Janet Pekelder. / Photos contributed