What is a Farmer?

Wednesday, August 7, 2019
/Photo submitted

On Monday, July 8th, 6 youth from Sac County participated in the What is a Farmer? camp at the Sac County Extension and Outreach Office. The participants were able to take a personality assessment, had a crossword puzzle with different uses for animal products, learned about the different jobs within the farming industry, played a farming simulation game, and ended the day getting a tour of 2 different farms. The youth were able to tour Coon River Farms and SFI in Nemaha. The kids enjoyed feeding the cattle and getting to see all the animals! They even got to have a cool treat on the warm day, homemade ice cream! For more information about the camp or to join 4-H, please contact the Sac County Extension and Outreach Office at 712-662-7131 or email: erpeldin@iastate.edu. Left: Elaina and Claire Geake stop for a minute to pose for a picture with Rob Hansen, SFI employee, after getting to feed the cattle in the feedlot. Right: Ben Nelson, Claire Geake, Etta Smith, Elaina Geake, Mylie Schulz, Maddy Horan, Tate Sandhoff, and Lane Smith pose for a picture at SFI with the cattle.