Newell-Fonda celebrates Literacy Day

Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Second-graders Bailee Huhse and Jace Lehl do a “book tasting.” / Photos Submitted

Newell-Fonda Community School District celebrated the school’s reading milestone of 18,749 books this year, giving parents a chance to peek in on the progress their kids make every day in class.

New shenanigans like “wax museum” and “book tasting” instill in kids the value of reading in novel ways each year.

Students in 6th grade had the chance to dress as their favorite Harry Potter characters in a museum, standing still as “wax models” until passers-by would press a button to hear them deliver a message about their character.

Brock White, 3rd grade, offers a sample of the book he’s serving to a diner during a book tasting.

Third grade students held a pop-up restaurant, giving a “taste” of their favorite books to diners with excerpts and flavorful readings to outline the palate of the characters in it.

The day was also presentation day for 7th and 8th grade students to show off their STEM projects, combining reading with science, math and technology.

“Students really loved getting to present and have other peers watch them, and watching friends present projects,” said teacher Keisha Boevers, who coordinated Literacy Day. “All of the students worked very hard on their projects.”

Analise Tiffany, 6th grade, poses still as her favorite Harry Potter character, Hermione Granger, in the “wax museum” exhibit.

The switch from an evening event to day time, and from April to November, saw success with attendance from over 150 parents and family members for the 360 students.

“It’s important to show community members the great things we have going on,” Boevers said. “This was an awesome opportunity to do that.”

For reading so many books, kids will be rewarded with 20 minutes of YouTube video binging and popcorn in class. Other school-wide celebrations for different goals have included throwing pumpkins and watermelons off the roof, and root beer floats.

“It was great seeing all of the wonderful learning experiences the kids have that involve everyone,” said Kelli Rhiner, parent of a 3rd grader.