Letter to the Editor

The real Steve King

Friday, November 9, 2018

My parents taught me repeatedly that actions speak much louder than words. I am not prone to writing editorials and have somewhat of an aversion to entering the political arena particularly under the current aggressively Polaroid environment. However I can only stand so much fake news and social injustice.

I have known Congressman Steve King for over 20 years and while I may not always agree with every political stance that he has I know the man quite well. How individuals who have never spent time with him personally can call him anti-somatic racist misogynist and Xenophobic is beyond my comprehension.

To the point of actions speaking louder than words it is important that I point out that Congressman King toiled tirelessly for an entire week while on a congressional delegation to save from certain death and disability three broken African children in May 2017. One of those three children Saadia is Muslim. When he visited the three at Mercy Hospital he pointed Lea said that his role in saving the miracle kids was the single most important thing he had ever done in his life. I have seen him pour out his heart and love to those children over the past 18 months. Is this a work of a racist human being? Actions speak louder than words. Forget the rhetoric and answer for yourself!