SLHS create ambitious Diversity Day lineup

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Storm Lake High School will host Diversity Day on March 28. In recent years, the International Club has organized the event every other school year.

“We like to celebrate all the neat and unique students in our school. This event allows us to learn about their stories and where they have come from, and to appreciate all the diversity we have in out community and school,” counselor Sandy Mouw said of the events. “The majority of the program is run by the students, which offers them another good experience.”

Diversity Day was first created at the school in the early 1990s as a small event featuring ethnic food, dancing and presentations by the foreign language classes. Since then, the school has become one of Iowa’s most ethnically diverse in its own right.

This year’s event features dozens of presentations and activities for students to choose from: from Scandinavian cooking to Anime, growing international sport Tchoukball to Gaelic celebrations, Medical Care in Kenya and Nepal to Current Affairs in El Salvador, Dancing in hula, merengue, Mexican, Hmong and Lao styles, presentations on various parts of the world where local students’ families originated, issues such as sexual abuse, racism and human trafficking, and some just-for-fun events such as sessions on video gaming, learning hip hop, superheroes, K-Pop Party, and “Grandma’s Cinnamon Rolls.”

Other sessions focus on art and travel. There will be a world puzzle game, a soccer tournament and a showing of the movie “Under the Same Moon.”