SLMS participate in National History Day

Wednesday, March 28, 2018
Front left to right: Abraham Jimenez, Angel Lopez and Joanne Ni, Tar Ler. Second row: Landon DeMoss, Ma Sha Hser, Hser Ku Htoo, Madison Stull, Miranda Mills, Mikayla Lundy, Marlene Ramirez and Thi Ha Phyo. Third row: Brock Turnquist, Alexis Torres, Aiden Phillips, Arely Ramirez, Jane Gonzalez, Eh Ler Moo Taw, Armando Ahumada and Agustin Morales. Back row: Joey Chanthavisouk, Alayna Rice, Lydia Rios, Tiahna Burton and Mrs. Robinson. / Photo submitted

Storm Lake Middle School recently participated in the Spirit Lake Regional Competition for National History Day at Buena Vista University. The theme for this year was “Conflict and Compromise in History.” For the 24 TAG students who were involved, it was a fascinating experience.

Everyone chose a subject and learned something new about their topic in history. It took a long time, but everyone worked hard on their project. Some of the topics included Giuseppe Garibaldi, The Indian Removal Act, Amistad, The Salem Witch Trials, The Black Sox Scandal, and Mother Teresa.

The students and faculty all gained the experience of failure or successes as some will continue to the state competition and some will not. For those who were not chosen to compete at the state event on April 30, they still had a fun time working on their project.

Aiden Phillips received an award for Outstanding Ability to Answer Interview Questions. Students who qualified for the state competition: Angel, Brock, Landon, Hser Ku, Joanne, Tar, Miranda, Madison, Marlene, Thi Ha, Agustin, Tiahna, Mikayla, and Alayna.