Iowa Central Community College sees nearly 500 grads in ceremony

Tuesday, May 30, 2017
Storm Lakers participating at Iowa Central Commencement. Left to Right: Abilence Phiakham, Khoi Hoang and Lisbeth Esabar / Photos submitted

Iowa Central Community College’s 50th annual commencement honored 496 graduating students on Friday, May 6th. A procession extended across the Iowa Central Fort Dodge Campus that took 20 minutes to enter and packed the John Hodges Field House and two large over flow audio/visual sites.

The evening’s program followed tradition with a welcome by college President Dan Kinney.

He wished the graduates well and encouraged them to return and keep in touch.

Associate Degree Nursing students Dominic Gliko and Lindsay Bruce

“We’re sincere in urging you to return,” he said. “You’ll always be welcome at Iowa Central.”

Mark Crimmins, president of the college’s Board of Trustees, also welcomed the graduates.

He too wished those going into the workforce or going on to continue their education, well.

“On behalf of the Board of Trustees,” he said. “Thank you for letting Iowa Central be a part of your education.”

Student speakers Ben Kenobbie, the Student Senate President, and Alex Jackson, both spoke to their fellow graduates.

“Stop for a second and look around you,” Kenobbie said. “You might see a face you recognize, a family member, a friend or even a complete stranger. What you won’t see is the one that stayed motivated—that one, is you. “

Jackson gave an animated speech.

“We’ve worked for two or three years for a simple piece of paper,” he said. “Not that Dr. Kinney’s signature won’t be one of my most treasured possessions, but it’s not about the degree. The people here, they care for us.”

“I loved the diversity and the small town feel,” he said. “In an eight hour day I get to see people from all around the world.”

He also encouraged his peers to keep exploring.

“I believe we’re here for a reason and that we all have certain gifts,” he said. “They may be active or dormant, just go with it. Work hard in whatever path is before you.”

The graduates included a wide number of programs, ages, and interests.

Buena Vista County and the surrounding area Iowa Central Community College graduates Friday night were:


Accounting Assistant

Doua Yang, Storm Lake


Manuel Magana, Storm Lake; Deon Parkhurst, Storm Lake

Criminal Justice

Brian Stamp, Early

Graphics Technology

Kelly Zeman, Laurens

Industrial Mechanics

Mark Fagerness, Pocahontas; Wyatt Lawman, Laurens; Edgar Granados, Storm Lake

Practical Nursing

Maria Alvarez, Storm Lake; Bethany Brown, Pocahontas; Laurentine Dennis, Storm Lake; Nyamuoch Duoth, Storm Lake; Jasmine Espinoza, Auburn; Tiffany Jarmuzek, Meriden; Katherine Jovel, Storm Lake; Maratin Knutson, Alta; Brea Kruse, Holstein; Jennifer Lampe, Early; Kasandra Mendoza, Varina; Taylor Miller, Nemaha; Lexi Moon, Storm Lake; Raquel Najera Pantoja, Storm Lake; Ashley Specht, Marcus; Josie Vaughn, Anthon; Angela Zupp, Pierson

Welding Technology

Brandon Martin, Sac City, Luis Santillan, Storm Lake, Shaunda Talk, Lake View

Associate of Applied Science Degree

Administrative Specialist

Karlie Mandernach, Odebolt,

Associate Degree Nursing

Shelbey Babcock, Battle Creek; Lindsey Bruce, Aurelia; Velvet Buford, Cherokee; Stephanie Cady, Albert City; Melody Downey, Cherokee; Samantha Farrenkopf, Rembrandt; Mary C. Flanigan, Early; Nicole Foote, Sac City; Dominic Gliko, Alta; Tiffany Hefner, Schaller; Stephanie Hoppe, Wall Lake; Shallene Kragel, Schaller; Benjamin Magee, Storm Lake; Jennifer Moral, Storm Lake; Jenna Ramirez, Storm Lake; Kaysie Vauble, Aurelia; Lacey Vazquez-McCoy, Early; Morgan Vega, Storm Lake;

Automotive Collision Technology

Tavian Pritchard, Sioux Rapids

Automotive Restoration Technology

Jordon Dornath, Odebolt

Automotive Technology

Eduardo Arreola, Storm Lake; Michael Hawley, Laurens; Austin Schwint, Storm Lake; Devin Tripp, Sioux Rapids


Devin Taylor, Storm Lake

Computer Networking Technology

Kelvin Campe, Cherokee; Gavin Freking, Storm Lake

Criminal Justice

Daniel Ramirez Villa, Schaller

Diesel Technology

Gregory Bergen, Albert City; Matt Botine, Storm Lake; Trevor Larson, Storm Lake; Justin Valentine, Laurens; Adam Voss, Fonda; Derik West, Peterson; Jebb Winegarden, Pocahontas

Electrical Mechanical Technician

Mark Fagerness, Pocahontas

Electrical Technologies

Jose Luis Gaytan Gonzalez, Storm Lake; Tyler Jacobsen, Wall Lake; Viengdalay Keophanya, Storm Lake; Kelby Wunschel, Holstein

Emergency Medical Paramedic

Luke Winkelman, Rockwell City

Engineering and Design Technology

Tristan Bainum, Alta

Graphics Technology

Charlotte Webb, Palmer

Medical Laboratory Technician

Meghan Pitstick, Rockwell City

Supply Chain Management

Dionne Pamon, Storm Lake

Web Technology

Charlotte Webb, Palmer

Associate of Science-Career Option Degree

Associate of Professional Studies Degree

Accounting Associate

Ashley Albers, Holstein; Katia Gonzalez, Fonda


Bobbie Bass, Fonda

Health Care Administration

Tricia Zuetlau, Pocahontas

Human Services

Yamilex Iraheta, Storm Lake; Maria Magana, Lakeside

Associate of Science Degree

Keng Khang, Storm Lake

Associate of Arts Degree

Stephanie Alanis, Storm Lake; Eriberto Flores, Storm Lake; Abril Garcia-Juarez, Storm Lake; Megan Hammen, Storm Lake; Khoi Hoang, Storm Lake; Oswaldo Huato, Storm Lake; Rebekah Johnson, Sioux Rapids; Jessica Juarez, Sioux Rapids; Keng Khang, Storm Lake; Jennifer Launderville, Alta; Preston Mandernach, Storm Lake; Wendy Marquez, Schaller; Megan McKeever, Sac City; Brenda Mero, Storm Lake; Manuel Murillo, Alta; Rachael Murphy, Fonda; Ana Neri, Storm Lake; Kimberly Oliva, Storm Lake; Jessica Pierce, Sac City; Sophia Roland, Storm Lake; Caelin Schrank, Newell; Heather Speers, Storm Lake; Stephanie Stange, Aurelia; Kayla Strand, Sioux Rapids; Laura Teos Garcia, Storm Lake; TaBe Thar, Storm Lake; Naomi Torres, Storm Lake; Roberto Torres, Fonda; Veronica Tyson, Alta; Khou Vang, Storm Lake; Lindsay Velez, Storm Lake; Fawn Wadsley, Laurens; Holly Wampler, Sac City

High School Equivalency Diploma:

Kevin Bergen, Storm Lake; Dustin Castro, Fonda; Indi Curiel, Cherokee; Prince Egbuchulam, Storm Lake; Lisbeth Escobar, Storm Lake; Allison Feller, Rembrandt; Maria Garner, Alta; Elsa Gonzales, Storm Lake; Maricela Gonzalez, Storm Lake; Abraham Harms, Storm Lake; Liliana Hernandez, Storm Lake; Sa Aye Htoo, Storm Lake; Naomi Knight, Storm Lake; Samantha Laine, Storm Lake; Christine Orenday, Sioux Rapids; Kendra Peters, Storm Lake; Abilence Phiakham, Storm Lake; Seth Riley, Early; Spencer Schultz, Storm Lake; Ashley Sievers, Storm Lake; Jacqueline Tuggle, Early; Alejandro Vargas, Storm Lake