Ridge View announces senior awards and scholarships for 2017

Tuesday, May 30, 2017
Ridge View Valedictorian Cole Degen and Salutatorian Amanda Bruns / Photo submitted

Below is a list of some of the scholarships and awards that were presented at Honors Night to the Ridge View Graduating Class of 2017

National Honor Society: Grace Boyle, Amanda Bruns, Cole Degen, Madisen Grieme, Sidney Johnson, Hallie Mentzer, Jon Pickhinke, Harlee Wagoner

Chapter CB P.E.O. Scholarship: Amanda Bruns

United Bank of Iowa Citizenship Award: Cole Degen

Ida County Salvation Army Scholarship: Harlee Wagoner

Alpine Lodge #471 – Masonic Scholarship: Amanda Bruns

The Mason Pierce Leonard “Who I Am” Scholarship: Cole Degen

Heritage Bank Scholarship: Hallie Mentzer

Roger & Rosemary Clausen Fine Arts Scholarship: Autumn Fox

Holstein Community Theater Scholarship: Sidney Johnson

Outstanding Drama Awards: Autumn Fox, Katrina Van Norman, Amanda Bruns

Nate Wiese Memorial Scholarship: Randy Redding

Community Bank Achievement Award: Hallie Mentzer, Colton Wunschel

John Philip Sousa Award: Amanda Bruns

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Cole Degen

National School Choral Award: Cole Degen

Hans Carsten Hansen & Mary Kastner Hansen Memorial Scholarship: Maddie Mitchell

Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa: Amanda Bruns and Katrina Van Norman

Holstein Kiwanis Scholarship: Tyler Wingert

Schaller-Crestland Ministerial Association Scholarship: Maddie Grieme

Holstein United Methodist Church Scholarships: Sidney Johnson, Evan Else, Gus Leonard and Erik Major

OLGC Catholic Church Scholarships: Grace Boyle, Cole Degen, Harlee Wagoner, Tyler Wingert and Ryan McGuire

Iowa State Bar Association Citizenship Award: Amanda Bruns

St. Paul Lutheran Church Endowment Fund Scholarships: Autumn Fox, Alex Johnson and Kyle Friedrichsen

Sac County Cattlemen: Hallie Mentzer

Ida County 4-H Foundation: Evan Else

Oscar & Marjorie Rice Memorial Scholarship: Evan Else

Flint Hills Resources Discovery Scholarship: Jonathan Pickhinke

Ida County Farm Bureau: Evan Else

Sac County Farm Bureau: Jonathan Pickhinke and Jack Mentzer

Iowa Farm Bureau: Evan Else

Little Sioux Corn Processors: Cole Degen and Hallie Mentzer

First Cooperative Association Scholarship: Cole Degen, Jonathan Pickhinke and Evan Else

Speech Awards: Sidney Johnson, Tyler Wingert and Amanda Bruns

Outstanding Speech: Amanda Bruns and Sidney Johnson

Donors of Distinction: Samantha Bailey, Eric Hibbs, Sidney Johnson, Ryan McGuire and Caden Wandrey

Ridge View Student Council Awards: Jonathan Pickhinke, Hallie mentzer, Harlee Wagoner, Grace Boyle, Maddie Grieme and Sidney Johnson

Math Award: Cole Degen

Science Award: Hallie Mentzer

Good Samaritan Society – Holstein: Autumn Fox, Hallie Mentzer, Tyler Wingert and Maddie Grieme

Floyd & Eleanor Soseman Family Scholarship: Amanda Bruns

Galva-Holstein Education Association Scholarship: Amanda Bruns

Kinderfest Scholarship: Amanda Bruns

GFCW/Iowa Federation of Women’s Club/Galva Civic Club: Maddie Grieme

Ida County Pork Producers: Grace Boyle

Northwest REC: Sidney Johnson

Chuck Barlow Memorial Scholarship: Hallie Mentzer and Colton Wunschel

Schaller-Crestland Scholarship Foundation: Hallie Mentzer and Maddie Grieme

RL & Ethel Stubbs Memorial Scholarship: Darby Baillie, Grace Boyle, Amanda Bruns, Cole Degen, Evan Else, Autumn Fox, Andrew Gross, Eric Hibbs, Alex Johnson, Sidney Johnson, Aimee Kell, Gus Leonard, Ryan McGuire, Karin Mendoza, Maddie Mitchell, Ethan Otto, Harlee Wagoner and Tyler Wingert

Schaller Jaycee’s: Hallie Mentzer, Madisen Grieme and Colton Wunschel

Schaller Lions Club: Madisen Grieme and Colton Wunschel

Kenneth and Mary Radke: Cole Degen

American Trade Scholarship: Andrew Gross

Doris M. Dunham Scholarship: Madisen Grieme

Merton V. Hair Post #325 – Early $500: Hannah Feilmeier, Alex Pickhinke and TJ Wunschel

Lisa Mandernach Scholarship: Hallie Mentzer, Chris Gardner and Jonathan Pickhinke

Doescher Family Scholarship: Jonathan Pickhinke

Kenneth & Mary Radke Scholarship: Cole Degen

Galva-Holstein Scholarship Foundation: Andrew Gross, Ryan McGuire, Maddie Mitchell, Evan Else, Grace Boyle, Cole Degen, Harlee Wagoner and Amanda Bruns

Ida County Pheasants Forever Scholarship: Evan Else

Stanley & Shirley Parker-Reiff Scholarship: Harlee Wagoner

Natural Resources Scholarship sponsored by Sac County Soil & Water: Jonathan Pickhinke

E. Wayne Cooley Scholarship: Harlee Wagoner

The Bernie Saggau Award: Cole Degen

Harold & Irene Jensen Scholarship: Autumn Fox

Marie M. Jepsen Trust Scholarship: Evan Else, Cole Degen and Harlee Wagoner

Harry T. Yule Scholarship: Grace Boyle, Amanda Bruns, Harlee Wagoner, Evan Else and Cole Degen

Raptor Booster Awards: One Activity (Certificate): Hallie Mentzer, Randy Redding, Caden Wandrey. Two Activities (3x5 plaque): Gus Leonard, Ryan McGuire, Jack Mentzer, Jonathan Pickhinke, Harlee Wagoner. Three Activities (5x7 plaque): Evan Else, Tyler Wingert, Colton Wunschel. Four Activities (8x10 plaque): Cole Degen

Senior Athletic Awards: Cole Degen and Harlee Wagoner

DAR Good Citizen Award: Amanda Bruns

Academic Letter – 3.33 over the course of the year: Amanda Bruns, Cole Degen, Harlee Wagoner, Madisen Grieme, Grace Boyle, Hallie Mentzer, Aimee Kell, Autumn Fox, Maddie Mitchell, Jonathan Pickhinke, Sidney Johnson, Evan Else, Jordan Draper, Samantha Bailey, Alex Bailey and Randy Redding

Honor Cords – 3.00-3.749: Sidney Johnson, Evan Else, Grace Boyle, Jonathan Pickhinke, Aimee Kell, Darby Baillie, Autumn Fox, Jordan Draper, Colton Wunschel and Maddie Mitchell

Medallions – 3.75-4.00: Harlee Wagoner, Hallie Mentzer and Maddie Grieme Salutatorian: Amanda Bruns Valedictorian: Cole Degen

2017 Scholastic Awards

Alex Bailey: Alex has received the Western Iowa Tech Board Scholarship and a College Now Scholarship to attend Western Iowa Tech Community College in the fall and major in Mechanical Engineering.

Amanda Bruns: Amanda has received an University of Northern Iowa Scholarship to UNI. Amanda plans to major in education. Amanda also has been recognized at a Better Business Bureau Student of Integrity. She was a part of the 2017 All Academic Program through the Omaha World Herald and All Academic through the Storm Lake Pilot Tribune. Amanda will major in education at UNI.

Cole Degen: Cole has been recognized in the 2017 All Academic Program through the Omaha World Herald. He was honored as the Ridge View HS Governor’s Scholar and the Des Moines Register All Academic. Cole was recognized as All Academic through the Storm Lake Pilot Tribune and is the KCAU Best of Class from Ridge View HS. Cole plans to go to Iowa State in the fall to major in Agricultural Engineering.

Evan Else: Evan is the recipient of the Cardinal Leadership Scholar Award Level 1 to Iowa State University. Evan plans to major in Agricultural Engineering.

Maddie Grieme: Maddie has earned the Collegiate Scholarship to attend Northwestern College. Maddi plans to major in nursing at Northwestern.

Alex Johnson: Alex has received a College Now Scholarship to attend Western Iowa Tech Community College. Alex plans to attend WITCC and major in Graphic Design.

Sidney Johnson: Sidney has received 2017-2018 Elsie Stouffer Scholarship Award through the United Methodist Church. She has also received a scholarship through the University of Northern Iowa. Sidney plans to attend UNI to major in education. Karin Mendoza: Karin has received a College Now Scholarship to attend Western Iowa Tech in the fall. Karin plans to major in psychology. Jonathan Pickhinke: Jon has received the Cardinal Leadership Award to attend Iowa State. Jon will be majoring in Agriculture Studies.

Randy Redding: Randy has received the Western Iowa Tech Board Scholarship and a College Now Scholarship to attend Western Iowa Tech Community College and major in culinary arts. Harlee Wagoner: Harlee has received the Academic Achievement Scholarship, Athletic Scholarship, and Connection Scholarship to attend Briar Cliff University. Harlee plans to major in elementary education.

Tyler Wingert: Tyler has been awarded the Athletic Grant, Founder Scholarship to attend Morningside College. Tyler will major in Physical Education.