Letter to the Editor

Please Mr. President

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Dear Friends,

An article in The Guardian reads, "As the string of record-breaking global temperatures continues unabated, June 2016 marks the 14th consecutive month of record-breaking heat."

If Hurricane Katrina, Superstorm Sandy, the monster typhoon to decimate the Philippines, and the raging wildfires in the Western states didn't do it, then perhaps this new indicator of the world of hurt coming our way as climate change progresses will spur America to action.

Incredibly, many politicians continue to debate the climate crisis as if the matter is not yet settled. Even those who understand the gravity of the problem seem paralyzed by inaction.

Even President Obama, who famously said, "No challenge--no challenge--poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change," doesn't seem to get it. If he did, there are many things he could have done to stop the Bakken Pipeline. There are still things he can do. It is not too late. Perhaps he will be moved to action by:

-- The Camp of the Sacred Stones, blocking construction of the pipeline in North Dakota since April, or

-- The Oceti Sakowin youth on a 2000-mile relay run from North Dakota to Washington, DC, who rallied in front of the White House on August 6, or

-- The sight of Iowa landowners and others who have signed the Pledge of Resistance being arrested as we block construction of the pipeline later this month (stay tuned).

Will President Obama take action? Or was he merely spouting more political rhetoric when he said climate change is the greatest threat to our future? The world is weary of political rhetoric. Action is needed, and needed NOW!