Letter to the Editor

About respect

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Entitlement is the word we are hearing every day. "I am entitled to _ ". (Please feel free to fill in the blank.) I want to add RESPECT to that category maybe even put it at the top of the list; it might shorten some of the list. RESPECT is the one thing we all seem to have lost sight of. We are all deserving of this. I have seen too many people in the past weeks forget about respect. We are all doing the best that we can.

We share our time and talents to whatever project we care about, we share these talents because we care for the greater good. I have the pleasure of working with several boards, which donate their time as a public service to you. They do so because they see a need to be filled. Some if not most of these positions have tough decisions to be made, and not always the most popular. I know it is difficult to be happy when the decision is not the one you want. Nevertheless, PLEASE try to remember, they are doing their best, making decisions based on what they think is correct. Using the best of their "common sense" to come to that answer. Show them some RESPECT and understanding. Finally, I must admit that I must include me in the list of people who have forgotten to use RESPECT, So today I apologize to those I have disrespected and thank you for the work you do.