Letters to the Pilot

Thursday, October 10, 2002

Mac's value


I have known Mac Kaminsky for the past year and a half. He is very dear to my heart and I will not see him go. Mac is an inspiration to me, and is the type of person I aspire to be someday. He is hard working, goal oriented, kind, caring. The list could go on and on. Mac also graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with honors, the school I currently attend. He speaks three languages fluently: Polish, German and English. He is therefore an asset to his company due to the large Polish population in Chicago where he works.

These are just a few of Mac's incredible accomplishments and characteristics. I think what the government is doing to this extraordinary person is an outrage! They are taking advantage of an honest man. He has done everything asked of him, without question or concern, for the last five years. Hoping to gain the position in life that he is so close to obtaining, our common goal, the American Dream. What is this American Dream for Mac? Is it false hope? Is it a chance for Europe's best to come here and pay tuition for four years only to be sent back with a degree that is not equivalent in their country? If the government is concerned with the number of people who are not citizens but currently reside in our country, they should look to the illegal immigrants. They should not turn down someone who, if from America, would be showered with praise for academic achievement and bombarded with opportunity. Instead, our government tries to keep the number of non-citizen residents down through deportation of those that play by the rules. We allow illegal immigrants to stay, but future citizens with incredible potential must go. Mac came to this country in search of the American Dream, and this is now his reality.

Amber Hines,

Cedar Falls