Pilot Editorial

Tuesday, July 9, 2002

Tragedy on the lake

For all of its beauty and recreational appeal, every few years Storm Lake seems to remind us that it is still a powerful and sometimes dangerous body of water.

The drowning of a local teenager is a heartbreaking reminder that the lake must be take seriously.

Please, enjoy the lake wisely.

It didn't get its name by being predictable. Swimmers and boaters need to watch for sudden changes in weather. Proper floatation devices should be used, and those with limited swimming skills should stay in the shallow water of the beach areas.

At the same time, boats and personal watercraft should be used wisely. After a number of accidents, the lake has a safety streak going with no vehicle related injuries in the past year, and we would love to see that continue.

The community grieves with the family and friends of Luis Zaragoza. The only thing worse that a preventable tragedy and the loss of a life so young, would be for us not to learn from it. In this case, it is a lesson of respect for a lake that can be lovely and potentially deadly at the same time.