Letters To The Editor

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Consider the memories, save Santa's Castle

We are entitled to our opinions. Hopefully, Storm Lake's city leaders will consider more than Mr. Sabel's letter (March 12, Pilot-Tribune) when they decide upon the fate of Santa's Castle.

My family, too, was raised in Storm Lake. Now residing near Alta, I am proud to say I grew up in The City Beautiful. The parks, the lake, the clean streets and the friendly people are still important to me. Santa's Castle is high on my list of places that make Storm Lake a wonderful community.

My siblings, parents and I delight in returning to Santa's Castle every Christmas and sharing the magic of all the displays with our children.

My husband, an Alta native, has equally fond memories of the Castle, and we all have our favorite stops through the museum.

This year's trip was better than ever, knowing the time and effort the committee put into renovating, cleaning and caring for all the beautiful old toys and antiques found in the storage areas.

Sell Santa's Castle? That would be like selling park space for building homes or selling the band shell for private concerts. Santa's Castle is a Storm Lake landmark, a place to be treasured and preserved, for generations of children and adults alike to enjoy.

Please, City Leaders, consider fond memories and family traditions when planning the fate of our wonderful Santa's Castle!

Cary Friedrich,