LETTER TO THE EDITOR - Unexpected miracles for Freedom quilters

Monday, January 7, 2002

Enclosed in this envelope was a deposit slip... cash was put into my account on January 2 by none other than Santa Claus... to help with expenses for our New York City trip. I don't know who you are but I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Our Freedom Quilt project has been a miracle in the making from the beginning and I have just added your donation to the list of miracles. Thank you so much! Betty and I want to thank everyone who has supported us and our project in one way or another... through deeds, actions, words, and/or prayers...we are so blessed to belong to such a great community! We are continuing to make more quilts and are also asking the nation's quilters to backup our project as well... we need to take care of the rest of the families. To my Santa Claus/Angel... thank you! To all those who have supported us and our project...thank you!!!!

Pat Archer

Freedom Quilts

Albert City