Firefighters Thank You

Monday, February 21, 2005

A special message from SL firemen

To all residents of the Storm Lake Fire Protection District:

The Storm Lake Volunteer Firefighters is made up of a wide variety of people that are your neighbors, friends, and/or relatives. We could be your pharmacist, electrician, plumber, carpenter, delivery person, mechanic, or work at any other job for our livelihood. But we are also your Volunteer Firefighters. In the past year, the Fire Department has responded to approximately 223 fire calls, as well as attending once a week training exercises or service duty. We may be called out to assist you at any time of the day or night. When your call does come during a family meal, on a weekend, school event, or special holiday, we come to your aid without hesitation. It is what we are trained to do and we do it without hesitation.

In years past, the Storm Lake Firefighters have spent many extra hours going door to door selling dance tickets to raise needed money. Beginning in 2001 instead of a dance, we sent letters asking Storm Lake residents to send their donations directly to the Storm Lake Volunteer Firefighters. Due to the success of our letter writing campaign in past years, we are asking you to do the same this year.

These donations are used to purchase dress uniforms, fire prevention materials for elementary students, smoke detectors for the elderly, grave markers or flowers for deceased firefighters of Storm Lake, and firefighter dues for statewide convention. Also your donation may be used to help purchase new furniture or appliances for the Fire Department, pay annual dues to the Iowa Fire Association and provide a monthly subscription to the Smoke Eater magazine. Some of the proceeds raised in the past allowed the fire fighters to donate funds toward the purchase of a thermal imaging camera, a chain saw used for ventilation, fire hose and nozzles used at the annual convention, and a radio headset to enhance communication on the fire ground. These donations combined with donations from local businesses allow us to purchase some of these types of equipment without the use of taxpayer funds.

The Storm Lake Volunteer Firefighters sincerely thank you for your support and we look forward to serving you in the future.

Donations may be sent to:

Storm Lake Volunteer Firefighters, 820 Oneida Street, Storm Lake, IA 50588