Letters to the Pilot

Monday, September 8, 2003

School levy is needed at SC


Seventy-seven years ago, in 1926, my parents enrolled me in Kindergarten class at our elementary school. In those early days school finance was relatively simple. We had good teachers, adequate building facilities, and good study programs. Educational requirements were general, included the basics, and met our needs. Conditions have changed.

Today, in 2003, we have good staff, excellent facilities, and many more activity programs. Today we have greater opportunities for our children in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities. We need skilled personnel for special education, library, guidance counseling, nursing, advanced studies, and activity directors to guide our students in the great variety of available programs. Our improved programs have required increasing taxes to provide the dollars for these programs. I urge our Sioux Central Community to support the September 9th vote for the Instructional Support Levy to better provide the additional funding needed to meet school needs.

On July 30, the Sioux Central Board of Education voted to approve a resolution to issue a vote on the September 9th school ballot.

Over 85 percent of Iowa school districts now support the Instructional Support Levy. This levy, if approved, can be used for any General Fund purpose to support our educational programs. If approved, no income surtax funds would be received until 2005. The needed revenues would come from state funds and income surtax, and only minimum property tax. In fact, property tax may go down as the budget guarantee gradually goes off. This can be replaced with an income surtax.

After my 38 years in Iowa public education I believe our needs are as great as ever. I continue to believe in support for our school programs.

Please help us meet our increasing program requirements with your "YES" vote for the September 9, 2003 Instructional Support Levy!

Dr. Charles C. Joss,

Sioux Rapids

Chest helps Gingerbread


A big thank you to the Storm Lake Community Chest for the generous donation to the Gingerbread House. Your donation will assist us in continuing to provide quality childcare for Storm Lake and the surrounding areas. We appreciate your continued support of the Gingerbread House. Storm Lake is fortunate to have an agency that is dedicated to our community and to our young children. Thank you.

Danelle Lovetinsky,

Assistant Director,

Gingerbread House