Alta-Aurelia National Honor Society Induction

Wednesday, March 5, 2014
Photos by April Allen

Students walked down to their seats, the new inductees on the left, and the current members on the right, at the ceremony on Tuesday, March 4. Beth Carlson gave a speech titled, "10 helpful hints for surviving college." Then the candles were lit, the first, the Keystone emblem, followed with a candle for each virtue members of the honor society must have; scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Then awards were handed out to all 2014 new members including Michael Swanson, Matthew Swanson, Chloey Arispe, Zach Lukkes, Cristena Heschke, Trenton Delp, Kirk Carlson, Grace Weiland, Erica Lockin, Alex Larson, Riley fritz, Katelynn DeRoos, Maria Candelario, Ross Friedrich, Brielle Kolpin, and Zach Sliefert. Current members present were Jayden Van Berkum, Kaitlin Brake, Meri Kestel, Laura Holmes, Ashley Peterson, Tayler Rohwer, Chayce Glienke, Mariah Allen, Mikayla Tuttle, Ali Turnquist, Elizabeth Carlson, Paige Sivinski, and Rachael Arnts.